Thumpstar has been developing a junior motocross / youth motocross classes. Thumpstar is working with the governing bodies around the world like the AMA in the USA, MNZ in New Zealand and MA in Australia. The name of the class is called Trail-Cross, and is an affordable motocross class for kids. The kids will be able to line up with the other junior motocross classes on the start line but their lap-scored differently. The good thing about this is it does not create any more classes, which other motocross competitions lack time.

The bikes which will raced will be high-quality and track-tested. Other brands, not just Thumpstar, will be able to compete. The main difference between these bikes is that they will be less powerful. A great bonus to this, if kids do crash they won’t be able to hurt themselves that much. As we know, a lot of time kids get put off racing at an early stage because they injure themselves or the current race motorcycles are too powerful and difficult to use.

Our goal with the Trail-Cross class is NOT to take kids / children from the other races classes but to bring new riders to the sport who can eventually move on to the bigger faster classes. For the kids who decide that the racing isn’t for them, the parents can sell the motorcycle and have not wasted a great deal of money on the sport for these kids / children. Currently, for beginner kid motocross racer can cost a parent $10,000 just to get set up, which is a lot of a money if a kid decides to quit after a few weeks. With the Trail-Cross class , the kids can be fully set up with the new bike and good quality safety gear for around $3,000, which is a massive saving.

Lastly, the website will be and we have it set up with and secured an approval from MNZ (Motorcycling New Zealand) but the Trail-Cross can only be at club-racing level and not be able to race in national events. It is up to the local club whether or not they want to run the class. If you need more information on this or if you help to make it to this class work, kindly e-mail us at