If a Thumpstar is not in stock we can Pre-Order you a Thumpstar and sometimes even offer free parts to make up for the wait, this will guarantee you the right price.

NOTE: You are paying $500 for DEPOSIT only (non-refundable). Once the bikes arrived, you need to pay in full plus the shipping cost.


Thumpstar - ATV125 [crate price: $1399]

Thumpstar - TSB110 [crate price: $1099]

Thumpstar - TSK50 [crate price: $1099]

Thumpstar - TSR190 [crate price: TBA]

Thumpstar - TSX125SW [crate price: $1199]

Thumpstar - TSX140BW [crate price: $1499]

Thumpstar - TSX230 [crate price: TBA]