Trail Bikes

Thumpstar has a variety of trail bikes. At the bottom of this blog, we will give you a link to each one which we are going to talk about. The first trail bike we will talk about is the smallest and easiest to ride, which is the TSK 110. The good thing about this bike is it has electric start kick-start which is easy to start and is lightweight so it could be lifted over fences. It also has the bigger 14/12 wheels, which makes it more stable on rough terrain. If you are looking for something even smaller and lighter for getting into difficult terrains and fences, we recommend the TSX 88. Both these models are popular with hunters. Not to mention, the have amazing fuel economy.

Thumpstar TSX 125 BW is the next bike which we are going to highlight. This makes a really great bike for beginner trail riders for the ages of twelve and up due to its larger 17/14 wheels, which makes it more stable over bumps and ruts that you encounter during trail-riding. This model is also airbox capable so if you’re riding over water, puddle and heavy mud makes it a lot more user-friendly. You don’t want a blocked air filter halfway thru a trail ride.

Next one we are going to discuss is the TSX 140 BW, which is very similar to the 125 we talked about above but it has got a bigger and more powerful engine if you plan to do big climbs. This motorcycle will be a better option and if you plan to do more racing, it is oil-color capable so you have the option to install into the 140. It has a tri-frame which is airbox-capable.

A new model to Thumpstar is called the TSX 189 and will be coming out soon. It has larger wheel 19/16 wheels, and has a more powerful 189cc engine. We still have more details to bring on this model but on the testing, it will give more trail riding experience.

Last but not least, the TSX 250cc which is solely designed trail ride bike. We will be coming out with a new 2016 looks but suitable to all types of trail-riding. This will be released the same time as the TSX 189.