One of Thumpstar’s biggest markets is Kids Motorbikes. Thumpstar is a great bike to learn to ride on, namely models TSK 50, which is suitable for kids from the age of four to ten years. comes out factory with removable training wheels, lanyard to disconnect the power, front and rear brakes on the handle bar which makes it simple for kids to use the brakes easily, and electric start which saves the kids kick-starting the bikes which could be a big hassle for kids learning to ride. We believe the TSK 50 is the ultimate Kids Motorbikes. There’s also option to restrict the throttle so the kids cannot go faster than their ability.


Kids Motorbikes TSB 70cc


The third popular kids bike we have is the TSX 88cc, suitable for kids aged six to adult. This bike is very similar to the TSB 70 but has a better 88cc engine, which also appeals to adults due to the extra power. This bike comes standard with higher bars but can also fit the likes of higher again pro taper bars or renthal bars. The good news is it does not require any additional clamps, and the upgrade bars just bolt straight on with no additional clamps needed.


Kids Motorbikes TSB 110cc



The final kids motorbike we’re going to talk about is the TSK 110. This bike is also suitable for kids aged eight to adult. A lot of adults buy this bike to also race due to the fact that its size and dimensions are very close to the stock 110cc race class bikes. It also has a triangle/cantilever swing arm. Most importantly, it is a kid’s bike with awesome features like electric start and semi-automatic 4-speed gear box.

Kids Motorbikes TSK 50cc


The next is the TSB 70cc which is suitable for the ages six to ten. It is slightly bigger than the TSK 50, and is an affordable option for parents as it’s the cheapest bike we have. This bike is one of our biggest sellers. The good thing about this bike is it’s based on a Honda CRF50 and it’s easy to upgrade any parts. A lot of parents start off the TSB 70 with a low seat, and would switch to a high seat as the kid grows. The TSB 70 is a semi-automatic engine, which means it does not need any clutch, so you can just kick-start the bike and go.


Kids Motorbikes TSX 88cc



We will talk about the bigger 110cc kids bikes. The TSB 110 is the afforable 110ccc option but still looks the part with Chartreuse plastics and race striped seat. The TSB 110 kids motorcycle is suitable for kids aged eight to adult, and is a semi-automatic 4-speed which is very easy to ride as it does not require a clutch. The size of this bike is very similar to the likes of a Honda CRF110, Yamaha TTR110, and Kawasaki KLX110.


Kids Motorbikes  TSK110cc